Cover Design Service

eBook Cover Design

An eye-catching, professional cover design can contribute significantly to the success of your eBook. As most online retailers will display only a very small version of your cover in search results and listings, it is vital that your cover works well as a “thumbnail” image.

Our eBook cover design service:

  • Standard or Premium Cover Design: £50 – £150 This range includes budget designs incorporating stock/library images as required, with Photoshop processing as needed, with added title and author text, and Premium bespoke designs using individually commissioned photographs and artwork produced by our own photographer and illustrator.



Ascension of the Whyte
First of The Afterland Chronicles. Published 2014
Ryte of Passage Book 2 of the Afterland Chronicles. Published May 2016.
Ice & Fyre Book Three of the Afterland Chronicles (Due for Release Summer 2017)
Cover of the children’s picture book Daisy Sunshine and the Murkins designed and written by Children’s Author and Illustrator Tessa Thompson.
Cover for Karen Wrighton’s Post-Apocalyptic YA Novel – The Last Girl Guide – published 2016
The Working Cover for the first book in Karen Wrighton’s new Mystery Thriller Series Hoyle & Son
Cover for Tessa Thompson’s Magical Children’s Chapter Book – Molly Midnight and the Little People






















To enquire about commissioning a design for your book please complete the form below. Please include details of the genre of your book and a short synopsis, i.e. the blurb,  together with your ideas and/or preferences for design, and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.


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