Ascension of the Whyte Audiobook – OUT NOW!

  We have great pleasure in announcing the release of the first book in The Afterland Chronicles - Ascension of the Whyte is now available as an Audiobook. The audiobook is available on Audible and iTunes from today!

Alice’s Adventures Underground

Ahead of her new book based loosely on Alice in Wonderland, young adult author, Karen Wrighton, treats us all to a peek inside Alice's Adventures Underground - an interactive theatre production that takes place deep below the streets of London. Yesterday, I met some interesting people you may have heard of, the White Rabbit, the … Continue reading Alice’s Adventures Underground

COVER REVEAL – Rabbit Girl

Out This Summer! A New Young-Adult Romance Would you abandon your best friend to save your sanity? "Sanity is overrated. Look at you - you're as mad as a hat full of cats - all the best people are..." Lissie has long had more than her fair share of problems. For one, her only friend … Continue reading COVER REVEAL – Rabbit Girl

Top Four Best Podcasts For Indie Authors

We are a great fan of podcasts and have listened to a variety in our quest for information on independent authors and self-publishing trends.  There are some great shows out there and they are a perfect method of rapidly gaining information about any topic. As an author, you’ll want to get as much information as … Continue reading Top Four Best Podcasts For Indie Authors

Five Great Fantasy Series You May Not Have Heard Of

We all love a great fantasy series, don't we? Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Harry Potter Series are pretty much household names, but there are many other great series out there that you may not have heard of. The following are, in our opinion,  five of the best: In order of appearance … Continue reading Five Great Fantasy Series You May Not Have Heard Of

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Esmeralda Burg: Confessions of a Hippy Dropout (Episode 2: – Home Sweet Homestead.)

He removed his shirt, snuggled in beside me and kissed my earlobe, nibbling at it gently before urgently thrusting his tongue inside. He smelled strange... musty, and his whiskers were tickling my face... Whiskers? I opened my eyes and screamed. The fox vanished so quickly that I wondered whether I had imagined the whole thing, … Continue reading Esmeralda Burg: Confessions of a Hippy Dropout (Episode 2: – Home Sweet Homestead.)