Young Adult Fiction

Damaged people know how to survive…

Human extinction is inevitable – there is no going back.The pox spread quickly, within weeks everyone was dead – everyone except Harper McKenzie. Barely fifteen, Harper is a true survivor – life made her that way. An autistic loner, suffering years of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother, she seems remarkably undamaged, but can anyone hope to survive a lifetime of isolation without descending into madness?

Then there are the dogs; they hunt in packs, and nothing living is safe.

After surviving a savage attack, Harper begins an expedition of hope. Searching for other survivors, she records her journey in a diary. This is her story; Harper Lee McKenzie – The Last Girl Guide.

What readers are saying:

“A post-apocalyptic survival story with a fascinating, endearing and unforgettable character. I couldn’t put it it down!” – EAD Press

“Terrifying look into our dystopian future in this post-Apocalyptic ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ – I gobbled it up in one sitting!” – J. Burns, The Book Worm.

“Damaged people know how to survive… An electrifying, and often touching insight into one girl’s struggle to survive in a hostile dystopian world. Captivating..” Kelly Morris, The Bibliophiles Bookbag.

“Harper McKenzie will stay with me for for a long time….” R. Crask, YA Readers Club.

Fans of Divergent, One Second After, The Road, The Passage, Oryx and Crake, and Alas Babylon should enjoy this roller coaster ride of fear, tenacity and courage, and the unlikely friendship that develops between one girl and a dog.




What if you died? What if you woke up in a land where anything seemed possible? A land of magic where wizards and dragons reigned. What if they asked you to lead a magical war against a being so powerful that he once obliterated an entire race? Would you?

Rose accepts their challenge, beginning a dangerous, magical quest. It’s aim – to destroy one of the greatest evils of all.

“An epic fantasy to rival that of the great classics”
“A magical fantasy adventure story, you wish would never end”

“I haven’t been this excited about a book since I first read Harry Potter”
“Intriguing, full of action and mystery it really makes you want to turn the pages, over and over again.”
“Karen Wrighton has created a new exciting and fresh fantasy world, which rivals those of the great classics.”

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“The truth, my dear Rose, is only ever an opinion, never a fact. Whereas a lie… A lie can make speaking the truth a terrorist act.”

Rose is being hunted. Her escape has taken her to the lair of an ancient and powerful witch, a woman whose fate is linked with her own in a way she could never have imagined. After uncovering a deceit of epic proportions,  Rose must decide who she can trust. She has already lost one friend. Now, as she journeys through an eerie, snow-covered wasteland of dragons and Fae,  can she avoid losing more?

“A labyrinth of magical adventure”

“All we can do is keep on reading in the hope that it will never end”

Released 14th May 2016

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