Seven Key Tips For Acing Amazon’s Bestseller Algorithm 

We've all heard about it, in the publishing industry it has gained some notoriety as an Indie Author slayer. However, if you follow these ten key tips you can make the algorithm work for you instead of against you. Providing this information almost makes us a 'Deep Throat' for Indie Authors. So get your pencil … Continue reading Seven Key Tips For Acing Amazon’s Bestseller Algorithm 


10 Golden Rules for Writing An Amazon Bestseller

So, I now have two Amazon Bestsellers... from nowhere to here in just over two years. I've been thinking about how I did it and have come up with these ten top tips for writing a successful book as I realise there are a lot of you out there thinking 'I wish I could do … Continue reading 10 Golden Rules for Writing An Amazon Bestseller

Freudian Quips No. 3

Cartoons with a Psychological spin by Sleepless Psyche. Freudian Quip No. 3 Back to School Anxiety  

Back To School Anxiety

It begins on television with commercials. Then It’s on the radio, television, and in shop windows, supermarkets and department stores everywhere. Like the ominous music in the movie 'Jaws' unsubtley signalling the presence of impending doom, 'Back to School' rings out everywhere. However it doesn't strike fear everywhere in parents it produces the opposite reaction … Continue reading Back To School Anxiety

Cronyism in Education

Cronyism is favouritism shown in appointing long-standing friends to high profile and lucrative posts without regard to their merit or qualifications. In the academic community this tendency is used as a mechanism which is thought to bolster scientific orthodoxy. Cronyism is a compound of the word crony, a slang word among undergraduates at the University … Continue reading Cronyism in Education

Give a dog a bad name….

"Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial." or so says Cassio in Shakespeare's "Othello". The phrase ‘a bad name’ refers to ‘a bad reputation’. However untrue the charges may be, they may ruin a man’s reputation and so ‘hang him’ … Continue reading Give a dog a bad name….