Author Update – KAREN WRIGHTON

Hi everyone, I've had a busy couple of weeks since I got back from my holiday in the Cotswolds. Mainly I've been concentrating getting my audiobooks produced and on sale. I now have three on sale and two more in production! Available to buy now are the first two books in the Afterland Chronicles series … Continue reading Author Update – KAREN WRIGHTON


New! Online Series – Esmeralda Burg: Confessions of a Hippy Dropout

I am convinced my parents were both wasted when they decided to name me, their only child, Esmeralda. Esmeralda Burg literally means Emerald City. Of course, they assured me my name stemmed from their love of my 'beautiful green eyes', but really? Going through my formative years being referred to by my 'friends' at school … Continue reading New! Online Series – Esmeralda Burg: Confessions of a Hippy Dropout

The Psychology of a Good Storyteller (Fantasy Prone Personalities)

Ever since I was a child I would escape at every chance into the world of fantasy offered by authors such as Enid Blyton and later John Wyndham and then others such as Stephen King and James Herbert.  As I have got older my tastes have changed but to me there is still nothing better … Continue reading The Psychology of a Good Storyteller (Fantasy Prone Personalities)

The Psychology of Status Symbols

It’s one of the most puzzling  paradoxes of modern western society; why low-income individuals spend a proportionally larger percentage of their income on luxury status symbols than higher-income individuals. I am always amazed and confused when relatively low-income, working class people spend their money on luxury goods that they don't need. You must have seen them, the luxury cars parked … Continue reading The Psychology of Status Symbols

The Psychology of Baking

Can being creative with sugar flour and eggs do more than provide a messy kitchen and yummy comfort food. Research in mental health seems to suggest that it can. It seems that baking has a therapeutic effect on depression and anxiety disorders. Up to one in four of us will succumb to one or both of these disorders … Continue reading The Psychology of Baking

The Colour Of Emotions

Fascinating study of the thermodynamics of emotion shows us the colours of our emotions.

How To Have A Happy 2014

Here are seven rules to live by over the next year if you want to have the very best chance of being as happy as you can be; whatever your circumstances. Carpe dium! Make peace with your past lest it disturb your present; regret nothing, learn from everything. What other people  think of you is … Continue reading How To Have A Happy 2014