The Colour Of Emotions

Fascinating study of the thermodynamics of emotion shows us the colours of our emotions.


Do It Yourself Psychotherapy – New Years Resolution

This new category series focuses on psychological self-help methods and advice to help you to a happier and healthier life.  To start this off I have a topical New Years Resolution Idea to increase your happiness and well-being.

How Not To Get Old?

The other day I came upon a program whilst channel hopping called 'How not to get old'. I chuckled to myself that really that was a stupid name for a show as the only true way not to get old was to die. I was curious so I continued watching and was surprised and saddened … Continue reading How Not To Get Old?

Thinking yourself thin…

Every year on the first of January, millions of people rush to get their new gym memberships and start that 'this one will be the winner' diet but increasingly psychologists have been discovering that the obesity problem may not just lie in the foods we eat or the amount of exercise we do but be … Continue reading Thinking yourself thin…

Psychodermatology: The Psychology of Perfect Skin

There is a long and well known connection between the mind and the health of the body. There is even a name for the study of this phenomenon it is called Psychoneuroimmunology. Psychologists in this field have found that cancer patients with a positive mental attitude stay healthier and survive for longer than those who … Continue reading Psychodermatology: The Psychology of Perfect Skin

The Psychology of Happiness

Research has shown that about half of individual happiness comes from our genetic predisposition to feeling happy. About ten percent of our happiness is due factors such as our age, race, gender, health, personal history, and how wealthy we are. However a whopping forty percent of our happiness is down to our choices. This means … Continue reading The Psychology of Happiness

The Psychology of ‘Slim’

Can you think yourself thin? Well it does appear that you can think yourself fat so it stands to reason that the opposite may also be true. It has been shown that Psychological stress does affect food choice either over eating comfort foods for some or starving yourself when unhappy or under pressure. Andrew Steptoe … Continue reading The Psychology of ‘Slim’