News! – Karen Wrighton Author Rebrand

Well if you've been paying attention then you may have noticed that Karen Wrighton's Author brand has been undergoing something of a renovation. Over the next few weeks, her website, blog and book covers will undergo a complete rejuvenation. We would love to hear what you think of the new designs. This month also sees … Continue reading News! – Karen Wrighton Author Rebrand


Earthbound Humans No. 1

Here is my newest cartoon strip 'Earthbound Humans' which takes a humorous look at people today.  

Everybody Lies ….

We humans are not a very nice species really, we can be cruel, vindictive, manipulative and there is not one of us walking the earth that can say that they have never ever lied.  Well they can say it.... but they are almost certainly lying when they do. It is in our nature to lie, … Continue reading Everybody Lies ….