Seven Key Tips For Acing Amazon’s Bestseller Algorithm 

We've all heard about it, in the publishing industry it has gained some notoriety as an Indie Author slayer. However, if you follow these ten key tips you can make the algorithm work for you instead of against you. Providing this information almost makes us a 'Deep Throat' for Indie Authors. So get your pencil … Continue reading Seven Key Tips For Acing Amazon’s Bestseller Algorithm 


My Journey into indie publishing – Karen Wrighton

Today, authors who want to get published have many options. In this article, we focus on the two most prevalent—traditional publishing and self-publishing—as well as the respective pros and cons. Traditional publishing In traditional publishing, the author completes his or her manuscript, writes a query letter or a proposal, and submits these documents to a … Continue reading My Journey into indie publishing – Karen Wrighton

The Psychology of Status Symbols

It’s one of the most puzzling  paradoxes of modern western society; why low-income individuals spend a proportionally larger percentage of their income on luxury status symbols than higher-income individuals. I am always amazed and confused when relatively low-income, working class people spend their money on luxury goods that they don't need. You must have seen them, the luxury cars parked … Continue reading The Psychology of Status Symbols

How To Have A Happy 2014

Here are seven rules to live by over the next year if you want to have the very best chance of being as happy as you can be; whatever your circumstances. Carpe dium! Make peace with your past lest it disturb your present; regret nothing, learn from everything. What other people  think of you is … Continue reading How To Have A Happy 2014

Do It Yourself Psychotherapy – New Years Resolution

This new category series focuses on psychological self-help methods and advice to help you to a happier and healthier life.  To start this off I have a topical New Years Resolution Idea to increase your happiness and well-being.

The Psychology of Happiness

Research has shown that about half of individual happiness comes from our genetic predisposition to feeling happy. About ten percent of our happiness is due factors such as our age, race, gender, health, personal history, and how wealthy we are. However a whopping forty percent of our happiness is down to our choices. This means … Continue reading The Psychology of Happiness